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Job Opening: MAST Training Materials Developers

ScienceBetter Consulting, via a contract with STScI, is seeking multiple part-time contractors to develop training materials demonstrating the functionality of the Barbara A. Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST) data archive. MAST hosts data from over a dozen missions like Hubble, GALEX, TESS, and JWST. The objective of these materials is to expand the MAST user base and lower the barrier to entry to using MAST tools for astronomical research. 

We are seeking a contractor or contractors to develop tutorials highlighting MAST functionality relevant to astronomical data reduction and analysis. The topics and scope of the tutorials will be determined in collaboration with STScI staff. The tutorials will be written as Jupyter Notebooks in the Python programming language. The intended audience of the tutorials is the broad MAST user base, from undergraduate researchers to professionals, and should focus on the most common use case scenarios. 

Ideal candidates would have experience with the Python programming language and relevant astronomical software; analysis of data hosted by MAST (e.g, HST, Kepler, TESS); the MAST archive and its APIs; and working collaboratively on GitHub. Past experience with developing training materials is not required but an ideal candidate would have a demonstrated interest in computational training and education.

These services are expected to be completed remotely. Contractors will be expected to participate in regular telecons. 

Compensation will be hourly at a rate of $75–130/hour, depending on experience. The work needs to be completed by Sept 30, 2022 so we are particularly interested in candidates who are available to start work immediately. All applications received by April 1 will receive full consideration.

To apply, please send an email to kellecruz@gmail.com with a resume attached and a description of your interest in the role in the body of the email. Also include specific examples of relevant experience and its outcomes (e.g. include screenshots, links to pull requests). Please also describe your availability between now and Sept 30, 2022.